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Beatles Lego Set. Build 1 of 4 unique portraits of the iconic band members with this lego art the beatles (31198) set and relish a creative escape from everyday life. You can display your passion for the beatles on your wall or shelf after creating any 1 of the 4 portraits.

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And i’ll be joined by some brilliant guests, lego® and beatle fans, all of them. Welcome to the the beatles official store! And, of course, and i’ll be talking about lego®’s new set which recreates the iconic images of john, paul, george and ringo from the inside album cover of the white album in brick form.


It has a score of 80. It has a score of 88. A $480 price tag is a little excessive and out of reach for many beatles / lego fans. If you're a beatles fan, we have the perfect set for you.