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Dr. Who Lego. Congratulations again to andrewclark2 for reaching 10,000 supporters on lego ideas, and toward everyone for all your support for the doctor who and companions project. This is my first good lego animation on youtube!

Doctor Who Lego Kit
Doctor Who Lego Kit from www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

Daleks are lego ideas minifigures and lego dimensions minifigures that appear in the set 21304 doctor who. The results of the lego review are in and you can see full details on the lego ideas blog. Although it’s kind of a grey market, you can find plenty of custom lego doctor who fan creations online on sites like ebay.

Doctor Who Lego Kit

Just because lego and the bbc aren’t interested in making lego doctor who toys, doesn’t mean the fans are going to wait. Some of our favorite lego doctor who creations include the lego dalek and lego tardis. But subscribe and they'll get better!. This is my first good lego animation on youtube!