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Lego Friends Mia. Meet mia and some of the. Lego friends mia's horse trailer 41371 building kit with mia and emma mini dolls includes toy truck, horse, and rabbit for creative play (216 pieces) 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Mia (2016-2017) | Lego Friends Wiki | Fandom
Mia (2016-2017) | Lego Friends Wiki | Fandom from

Mia and stephanie are off camping and adventuring in their new camper van! This pretty girl with long orange hair, green eyes, and freckles is named mia and she is one of the main characters in lego friends. With mia’s imagination and creativity, the possibilities are endless when it comes to building.

Mia (2016-2017) | Lego Friends Wiki | Fandom

Lego friends mia’s puppy house 3934 lego friends 3939 mia’s head out to the puppy parade and win a first prize ribbon to hang on the puppy’s house. It’s just a normal day in heartlake city, and mia is going horseback riding before meeting her four friends. In this episode emiko shows you how she uses collages to get inspiration to build not one, not two, but three bag charms for lego friends mia’s backpack. And don’t forget some carrots for the rabbit!