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Lego Haunted House. Now, i am so happy after completing my build of the haunted house. The lego haunted house build (watch a speed build on my youtube channel) was a pleasant experience, which i spread out across 3 days and it was a very enjoyable build, with plenty of variety, and not too much repetition.

Lego Haunted House 2020 For Sale | Shop
Lego Haunted House 2020 For Sale | Shop from

At first, i hesitated to buy this set after reading a few negative comments about the failure of the madman's elevator. The haunted house is my second lego building after the parisian restaurant. Enter at your own risk.

Lego Haunted House 2020 For Sale | Shop

The legs are on the second floor ,acting as a two of the legs for the table in the bedroom. Haunted house opens to reveal detailed interior with 3 floors. Scattered throughout the haunted house are all the parts to a skeleton: These are the instructions for building the lego creator expert haunted house that was released in 2020.