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Lego Marble Maze. Create your own lego® maze. In this lesson, students will solve a design problem as they create a marble maze out of lego bricks.

Lego Marble Maze - Mama.papa.bubba.
Lego Marble Maze - Mama.papa.bubba. from

Legos were created in billund, denmark, in 1932. Not only does the lego maze require kids to use their creativity to build their own marble maze design, but it also tests their motor skills as they navigate the marble through the maze. We didn’t really plan ours, but you could use this printable from twinkl to plan and then assess afterwards which features worked the best.

Lego Marble Maze - Mama.papa.bubba.

How to make a lego maze. I thought this might just be the perfect way for my 4 and 6 year olds to combine the two activities. Place the maze and a marble on the table. My kids love to create things from lego, and they also love playing with marbles.